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Dyson DC-14 Vacuum Review
While the Dyson is much more expensive than most household vacuums, it's well worth the cash.  This is the model for homes with pets, and it does a great job on my carpets.  The suction is fantastic, as the commercials say, and emptying it is easy: just pop off the canister, hold it over your garbage can, and push the release button.  I never have to touch dirt, change the bag, or even think about the filter (which is HEPA, by the way--great for those with bad allergies).  It comes with several nice attachments, including a power-head for doing the stairs. Incidentally, I can have the actual vacuum on the first floor while I'm using the power-head to clean the top of the stairs--the hose is that long.  The vacuum also works great on hard floors--it doesn't annoyingly blow all the dirt from one side to the other.

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