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Eureka 96 B Quick Up Upright Cordless Stick Vacuum Review
This “extremely light” vacuum by Eureka works well on any surface: carpeting, ceramic tile, even wood flooring.  It seems to be especially popular among pet owners who claim it efficiently cleans up all their pets’ hair.  Due to its convenient size and light weight, the vacuum is perfect for quick cleans, and stows away easily.  Additionally, this model is cordless, and most customers report it has a surprisingly long-lasting battery life.  However, others seem to find its battery life less than adequate, requiring a lengthy recharge before it could be used again.  Some users also reported that the vacuum was only capable of handling light-weight loads, such as “dust and lint,” and failed to pick up heavier messes.   

Overall this unit scored four out of five with over 200 reviewers. 

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