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Cabin & Western Floor Rugs Review
Great colorful rugs at www.countrytradedays.com you can see their line of rugs here http://www.countrytradedays.com/floorrugs.html good quality - amazing colors - perfect with a lodge or western theme...they really do stand out...not boring!...
Created By: mckean Created On: 6/5/2007 Last Modified: 6/8/2007
Fusion Stemware Rack for Wine Glasses Review
 We previously purchased a stemware drying rack from another company.  While the concept was great, it just didn't work.  It wasn't heavy-duty enough and I was nervous about putting my Riedel and Waterford crystal on it. While the other brand came apart, it didn't store flat, took up...
Created By: LOVE of WINE Created On: 5/30/2007 Last Modified: 6/8/2007
Kyocera Ceramic Grater Review
I recently purchased a Kyocera Ceramic Grater and really like it. The unit is 6" wide and large enough to grate a lot of carrots or ginger. There are a couple nice features with this grater that were not on my old unit. First, it has a rubber base to keep it from moving when you grate. Second it...
Created By: mark Created On: 3/23/2007 Last Modified: 3/23/2007
Messermeister Take Apart Shears Review
I recently purchased a pair of Messermeister Take Apart Shears . The shears are well designed and very sharp. I like the fact that you can pull them apart to clean them easily after cutting up a chicken. There are a lot of tools that the shears incorporate. It has a screw driver on the bottome and...
Created By: mark Created On: 3/23/2007 Last Modified: 3/23/2007
Method Cleaning Products Review
I started buying Method brand cleaning products (sold at Target) a few years ago because they're environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and not tested on animals.  I'm thrilled with how well they work, and I don't have to worry about inhaling the fumes if I've been cleaning the bathroom for...
Created By: lacyw Created On: 4/8/2007 Last Modified: 4/8/2007
Sisal Rugs Review
I love the natural look of sisal rugs , and I particularly like rugs from Merida Meridian's line of natural fiber rugs. My clients request these rugs quitre often, and so I am constantly searching for a better way to purchase these. www.coastal-style.com carries the Merida line as well as Bolon...
Created By: Mij Created On: 3/19/2007 Last Modified: 3/19/2007
The Beer Man Microbrewery Brew Master Starter Kit Review
The Beer Man Microbrewery Brew Master Starter Kits . It comes complete with everything you need to brew GREAT beer at home. Just pick your favorite beer style from one of the 16 great True Brew beer kits and get started! True Brew recipes come with all the ingredients separate. Just follow the...
Created By: reeb Created On: 4/30/2007 Last Modified: 4/30/2007
Water Fountains Review
Water Fountains for Home, Garden, Swimming Pool, Decor, Feng Shui... 
Created By: fountaingal Created On: 6/30/2007 Last Modified: 6/30/2007
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